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Steve Sherman
17-Nov-2008, 18:27
I have been in contact with a archival film sleeve manufacturer who will custom make a 3 mil archival 7x17 film sleeve with a 5/8 fold over flap.

Minimum order is 2500 @ appox. .27 cents each. If we can get orders totaling 1000 sleeves they will run the 2500 and keep 1500 on their shelves for future orders.

100 sleeves cost $27.20 not including shipping

Any of you willing to commit to X number.

Please advise

Michael Mutmansky
17-Nov-2008, 19:41
People, that's a great price, about 1/3 the price that people have paid in the past for these...

peter schrager
17-Nov-2008, 20:01
I can use 8x20...will these somehow work?? doubt it right?? if anyone else wants in on an order for this size I'm game..
Best, Peter

Michael Jones
17-Nov-2008, 22:11
PM sent.


Steve Sherman
18-Nov-2008, 04:38
I can use 8x20...will these somehow work?? doubt it right?? if anyone else wants in on an order for this size I'm game..
Best, Peter

It looks like there will be enough interest.

I will email manufacturer today and work out shipping details.

Thanks for the interest.

I would imagine the 8x20 would be close to the same price and possibly Peter you could initiate the same contact. I will inquire about that size in next email. I do know several 8x20 shooters who maybe interested.

Steve Sherman
19-Nov-2008, 10:27
Manufacturer is working up pricing on shipping individual orders and will likely keep stock on hand for future users.

Various other sizes such as 5x12, 8x20, 12x20 etc. can be accommodated.

Smallest production run is 2500 for which they want to see an initial commitment of 1500.

I will post contact information when vendor has their web site modified to accept orders for new ULF sizes.

Thanks for your interest

Steve Sherman
21-Nov-2008, 17:11
The Climax Photo Company http://www.climaxphoto.com/ is now taking orders for 7x17 archival clear film sleeves on an individual basis. You can access the ULF page directly here http://www.climaxphoto.com/wide_format_sleeves.htm as indicated the price is slightly higher to accommodate individual ordering and packaging. 7x17 is $35.00 / 100 or slightly less for larger quantities.

Also, they have listed several other ULF popular sizes per requests in the above thread. Further, they tell me that the largest width they can produce is 10 so sizes such as 14x17, 12x20 and above are not possible with this company.

Again, thanks for all the interest for the 7x17 size and as the site says they will begin shipping ULF sizes after Dec. 1,, 2008


Jim Becia
22-Nov-2008, 09:06
Just a quick comment on Climax Photo and Randy (the person whom I dealt with in getting my 4X10 sleeves), great service and product. Also, just received an order from them on some Print File pages and some 5X7 sleeves. Again, fast shipping and very good prices. Hope more people will throw some business their way. Jim