View Full Version : Apology

tom thomas
17-Nov-2008, 07:19
I'd like to apologize to the group for violating the forum protocol by mentioning that I had a For Sale item.

Tom Thomas

MIke Sherck
17-Nov-2008, 08:03
Rats: we'd already sent Bruno and Bubba out to find you. Now we have to get them back into their cages.


Frank Petronio
17-Nov-2008, 08:29
What did you have for sale!?

Steven Barall
17-Nov-2008, 10:22
Do you take Pay Pal?

tom thomas
17-Nov-2008, 15:08
Frank, I sent you a PM just now with answer.
Steven, Yes I take Paypal.
Mike, I thought I saw Bruno and Bubba in my front yard earlier this afternoon but it was only the lawn service guys killing my grass, er, I mean spraying for late blooming weeds. Not much grass left though as the armadillos have been lifting divots everywhere this fall. They must be hungry as getting cold now in Oklahoma.


17-Nov-2008, 16:07
Isn't apologising as bad as advertising? I think this has probably generated more interest than the original FS post ;)