View Full Version : Darlot Wide Angle Hemisperical vs Hemi Rapide?

16-Nov-2008, 16:29
I have had a "lever stop" Darlot WA Hemisperical for a while. The other day I got a longer focal length Darlot that is the "push-pull" focus type. It's not a tangent drive, just a thumbscrew to lock the focus where you set it. I believe this one is what they called a Hemisperical Rapid (though this one isn't marked so).

Is there any difference? They both seem wide angle, and have strongly curved glass. I know the leverstop one is a WA Rectiliear. Is the push-pull one also?

16-Nov-2008, 18:18
Ah...the Internet. I just found this ad from 1886, so I guess I've answered my own question.