View Full Version : Artcraft Chemicals....still there?

Scott Whitford
16-Nov-2008, 12:40
It's time to re-stock my supply of darkroom chemicals, and I'm having trouble accessing the website of Artcraft Chemicals.

Anyone know if they're still in business?


16-Nov-2008, 13:03
I don't know, I couldn't get in the website yesterday.

They stopped putting kits together sometime ago.

Have to figure out where to go now I guess.


Bruce Schultz
16-Nov-2008, 21:24
I got chemicals from them last week. Try again.

D. Bryant
17-Nov-2008, 05:53
They stopped putting kits together sometime ago.


Do you mean they aren't making kits on order or just not selling pre-made kits?

Don Bryant

Bruce Schultz
17-Nov-2008, 09:04
To find out, call Mike Jacobson at 1-800-682-1730.

Ken Lee
17-Nov-2008, 09:31
It's not uncommon for people's domain name to expire, until they renew it.

17-Nov-2008, 14:28
he is still there. call him.

John Bowen
17-Nov-2008, 15:05
I was on his the Artcraft site last week. This is a evening/weekend business for Mike, give him a call.

17-Nov-2008, 17:10
it is up now....start buying! :)