View Full Version : What Linhof is this?

Andy Yeo
13-Oct-1998, 00:16
Just bought an old Technika for $450. It has no axis tilt on the front standard , so I think it's a III. It has a Graflock back, but the bed is flat, not the ' angled' front of the newer Linhofs. Anybody know for sure - and when it was made ?

The focusing back is just a ground glass and hood. There's no spring back for i nsertion of film holders. I'm intending to use a 6x12 back, so that's not reall y a problem, but I would like to use sheet film ocassionally, so can anybody tel l me what kind of backs are available and where I can get one and how much I sho uld pay for it? Doesn't have to be Linhof. My other camera is a Bender, so spr ung wooden backs are the only thing I know. Thanks.

Bob Salomon
20-Nov-1998, 19:56
If you have a serial number I should be able to tell you what it is.

A III has a rearward lens tilt on axis in front. It does not have a forward axis tilt in front. Is this what you meant by "no axis tilt on the front standard