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Jonathan Brewer
29-May-2001, 14:08
I plan on using either a Polaroid 110A or a Polaroid 120 which I've seen on the market as a proofing camera for my lighting set-ups. I realize that this doesn' t match or equal the taking lens of a large format camera but it can tell me if my lighting and exposure is on the right track. I can also proof my other camer a in other formats. 8x10 Polaroid film plus the initial outlay for the processo r and a back is too expensive(I just can't see $115.00 for 15 sheets of 8x10 Pol aroid) a proposition for me at the moment and the pack film versions of the same film is going to be a lot cheaper for me over the long run.

I do want to get the best taking lens I can find on a polaroid camera, and I 've a got a couple of converted 110A's to choose from and a 120. The 110A's hav e the Rodenstock F4.7 and one seller claims that the lens has rare earth glass. Is this true or hype? The Polaroid 120 converted has a Yashica lens but doesn' t say if the x-sync or a PC connection, does it have one?

Which one of these lenses is better if anybody knows in terms of using these cameras for proofing lighting and exposure?

Bill Jefferson
29-May-2001, 14:30
Hi Jonathan,

I use the 110a lens on a 4x5 graphic camera now, and have had excellent results

Good luck, Bill

Chris Yeager
30-May-2001, 15:14
Im not sure what a 120 is, but i have a converted 110 with a wollensak 127 raptar and it blows me away. I don't think they put any cheap lenses on these cameras. You may end up putting polaroid positive-negative film in it and using it as your main camera. These cameras were very close to being "pocket view" cameras- don't sell them short...

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