View Full Version : Good Camera Shop in Boston Area?

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
29-May-2001, 14:10
Are there any good camera shops in the Boston area for LF/MF Thanks

Erik Gould
29-May-2001, 15:38
E.P.Levine in Boston. for their # go to www.cameras.com; call for directions, the big dig makes driving through the city an adventure (or even more so).

chris jordan
29-May-2001, 16:19
Also, there is Calumet in Cambridge and Hunt's, just north of town (easier to get to) from 93 Northbound.

Scott Walton
29-May-2001, 16:22
Hunt's is open til 9:00PM and Sunday's til 6:00 which does make thins easier than the 9:00-5:00 with Calumet and Levines but all three are decent.