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15-Nov-2008, 11:23
I just purchased a 135mm Sinaron SE also marked MC. The serial number is 110998xx which I believe dates it's manufacture as 1991-3. There is no red color ring or otherwise around the front lens. My question is this---I know this is a Rodenstock sironar -S but is it a APO-sironar-s or not. If not should I return it and look for another. I paid $230 less than a new one from Badger. THANK YOU for any insight.

15-Nov-2008, 11:38
I think the red strip was stripped.

Bob Salomon
15-Nov-2008, 12:15
There was never a Sironar-S. Only an Apo Sironar-S.

8x10 user
15-Nov-2008, 13:48
The red strip did not appear until a later manufacturing date. Most Sinaron lenses appear in a shutterless lens mount. If the lens you purchased is in a copal shutter then you may want to ask the seller if it was professionally mounted in a way that guarantees the original spacing. If it wasn't then you may want to send it to SK grimes to make sure it is properly optimized.

16-Nov-2008, 09:14
Thanks guys for the information on this lens.

Emmanuel BIGLER
17-Nov-2008, 01:42
The Rodenstock-Sinar Pocket Dictionnary.
By Herr Prof. Dr. Arne Croell, Perpetual Secretary of the German Academy of Large Format. ;)


Rodenstock bzw. jetzt Linos als Hersteller für die meisten Sinarone ist richtig, aber:

das Sinaron-S entspricht dem Apo-Sironar-N,
das Sinaron SE dem Apo-Sironar S,
das Sinaron WS dem Apo-Sironar W,
und das Sinaron-W, nach dem hier gefragt wurde, dem Grandagon-N.
Ach ja, und das Apo-Sinaron entspricht dem Apo-Ronar.

und : sinaron-WE = apo grandagon 110-120°