View Full Version : help with focusing mount Schneider 47mm f/5.6 Super Angulon XL

14-Nov-2008, 12:45
i bought a cambo 470 with Schneider 47mm f/5.6 Super Angulon XL 120 lens.
is there anyone with tips, since i can only turn the focusing mount down to 3 feet distance, than it stops. it seems the rear element is to big and runs into the focusing mount.
any tips, how to get closer, with my focusing mount?
thanx for the help.
greetings from austria.

Bob Salomon
14-Nov-2008, 13:44
If it helps you the minimum focus distance with the 45mm Apo Grandagon in helical focus mount is 2 feet. This is a function of the helicoid (how far it can extend) and the lens (what is it optimized for). In the case of the Apo Grandagon, it is optimized for 1:20. That means that it is not very good for extreme close ups. Closer then 2 or 3 feet is really pushing the performance envelope of a 45 or 47mm lens.

In the case of the 47mm xl Schneider claims that it is useable down to 1:3 and beyond that there will be a loss in quality. How close do you want to get?

14-Nov-2008, 14:22
i dont realy have a lot experience with wideangle largeformart. so i don't know yet, where i want to get. basicaly i am fine with 3 feet, it is just that the focus mount is built for up to 1,6feet focusing. and it looks strange, whan it stops at 3feet.
thanx for answering.

Bob Salomon
14-Nov-2008, 14:58
Why not contact Cambo in the NL and ask them how close it is supposed to go?