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14-Nov-2008, 09:05
Hello everybody. So far I have developed FP4+ (4X5") in Ilford ID11 following the times suggested by ILFORD. I have always used a Jobo daylight tank.
Now I want to turn to developing in trays.
What times shall I use? Have the Ilford suggested times to be reduced? How much?
Thank you.:confused:

14-Nov-2008, 09:45
Doesn't Ilford have seperate times listed for rotary and tray development? I know Kodak does.

Usually, tray development is slightly longer than rotary, because of rotary's constant and vigorous agitation

Richard Wall
14-Nov-2008, 11:01
You might want to try the Massive Developing chart over at www.digitaltruth.com. Just plug in your film and developer and hit the search button.



14-Nov-2008, 11:48
I am not familiar with the Jobo Daylight Tank But as a very general rule of thumb, if one has a tray time (w/ gentle constant agitation), one decreases that time by 10 to 15% for a Jobo Expert Drum (constant, relatively aggressive agitation). So depending on the amount of agitation the Jobo Daylight tanks require, you might be increasing your development times up towards 15%. You might just try a 10% increase as a place to start.


Jerry Bodine
14-Nov-2008, 19:09
You can find the data sheet that comes with FP4+ at the Ilford website for a good starting point:

www.ilfordphoto.com > products > catalogue > Consumer & Professional Films > FP4+ > Fact Sheets

and under Development Times you’ll find your answers, dependent upon factors such as EI used and developer dilution. Results will obviously be influenced by agitation technique and number of sheets developed at one time.

16-Nov-2008, 04:40
thank you everybody:)