View Full Version : Verito question

13-Nov-2008, 10:05
OK, I learned (from you guys) that the verito is convertible....
Any ideas about an aperture scale, when using just the rear element??
David Silva

Pat Hilander
13-Nov-2008, 10:10
I think it just doubles-wide open would be f8.

Mark Sawyer
13-Nov-2008, 12:27
Pat's pretty close; it almost doubles. The 18" converts to a 30", the 14.5 to a 24", the 11.5" to a 20", and the 8.75" to a 14". I think they all work out to about f/6.7, so just subtract about a stop and a half from the existing scale.

Pfeiffer Duckett
14-Nov-2008, 10:56
Not to hijack the thread, but when using the extention cell converting the 18" to the 22.5" is there any change in speed?

Paul Fitzgerald
14-Nov-2008, 22:21

the apparent diameter would not change but the focal length does so it would drop to f/5. (18"/4.5 = f/4 22.5"/4.5 = f/5)