View Full Version : any disadvantages/shortcoming or technical non-niceties in the Horseman Lx and Lx-C 4x5?

Jignesh Jhaveri
13-Mar-1999, 10:12
Hi, I'm considering buying a Horseman LX or more likely LX-C 4"x5" monorail view camera. Most of my work will comprise of products, interiors/architecture/indus trial and when i get to that stage (hopefully soon) fine art photography. My wor k will keep me in the studio as well as take me on location. My thoughts were on a 75mm wide angle, 180mm or 210/240 apo, and maybe a tele, all suggestions/crit ique and ideas very welcome.

If you'll have any other makes or configurations in mind, they would be greatly appreciated. One of my reasons for choosing the horseman over the Sinar was the quick folding of the camera by removing the bellows and swinging the standards.

I'm a new comer to LF so please bear with my novice level questions

Thanks a lot


Richard Fish
13-Mar-1999, 12:42
Sinar P and P2 - and maybe other models too - will allow easy removal of the bellows and the turning of the standards. Sinars are made a whole lot better than Horsemans. They're often found used at considerable savings.

Ellis Vener
13-Mar-1999, 13:03
Having shot with both the big Horseman and Sinar cameras, as well as Toyo & Arca Swiss, I am inclined to advise that you go with a Sinar P,P2, or Sinar X over the Horseman cameras. Much faster to work with and a very extensive system. Stay away from the Sinar F cameras: no where as well made as the bigger Sinars.

Jignesh Jhaveri
13-Mar-1999, 18:10
ellis thanx for the prompt reply, could you elaborate some more on why you suggest the Sinar, any specific things, or just an all round better camera to work with?

thanx in adv. JJ

Ellis Vener
13-Mar-1999, 20:11
Sinar P,P2, & X pros: handling, depth of field/tilt angle /swing angle calculato r; two point assymetric focusing system, ergonomics, massive accessory system, o ptional shutter system, removable fresnel (makes it easy to mark layouts on grou ndglass, fresnel/groundglass combination, optional meter probe (with mb back); s tability; ease of use, self locking geared movements. By the way all these are a lso availible on the Arca Swiss Monolith, but that camera is harder to find.

Jignesh Jhaveri
15-Mar-1999, 10:54
thanx a lot everyone for your help, looks like the Sinar P2 is the way to go for me, but still need to save some more :)