View Full Version : Flange size for Compound 5 ?

W K Longcor
12-Nov-2008, 12:11
I've got a big old compound shutter in need of a mounting flange or ring. I'm guessing this would be in mm size. Measuring in inches - it is around 3 17/32" across at the rear threads. Can anybody tell me what the proper flange thread size would be for this?

Pete Roody
12-Nov-2008, 12:37
Threads are: "M-89.75 X 1.0" where the thread diameter is 89.75mm and the thread pitch is 1mm.

SK Grimes stocks these flanges.

W K Longcor
12-Nov-2008, 12:43
Thanks Pete -- I'll check them out.

Ole Tjugen
12-Nov-2008, 13:26
Check the link in my signature line. And NO - it is M90, not 89.75!

SK Grimes' numbers seem to be from measurements of worn shutters, mine are manufacturer's specifications. :)

W K Longcor
12-Nov-2008, 17:39
Thanks Ole, I had just seen your chart and was going to ask you about the difference -- but you were way ahead of me. Thanks.:cool:

13-Nov-2008, 08:01

Do you know when they ceased to manufacture the Compound #5 shutter?


Ole Tjugen
13-Nov-2008, 08:31
The first Compur Electronic 5FS were introduced in 1964, but I believe the Compound 5 continued to be made for some years after that. I believe at least as late as 1970, judging from the production of lenses (Symmar 360/5.6 and Xenar 300/4.5) which will fit in nothing else.

W K Longcor
13-Nov-2008, 08:34
OK - since I started this -- another question arrises. Am I correct that there is no standardization in numbering shutters? I'm noticing that my #5 Ilex is no way near as big (lens diameter ) as the #5 Compound.:confused:

Ole Tjugen
13-Nov-2008, 09:13
There is standardisation, but at that time there were no international standards.

15-Nov-2008, 07:15
Thanks, Ole, for answering the compound question.