View Full Version : Fujinon Lens Website Gone - Anyone Know Who Created It?

David Karp
11-Nov-2008, 14:55
Hi Gang,

Many of you were familiar with the site that used to be at http://members.aol.com/subgallery/. This site had specifications regarding Fujinon lenses (coatings, image circles, filter sizes, etc.)

The site is now gone. Apparently all of the sites hosted there have been shut down.

Does anybody know who created that site? Or perhaps it is one of us? This information would be a nice addition to the static site.

11-Nov-2008, 15:01
hi david
i asked mr peabody and his pet boy sherman (http://web.archive.org/web/20061205141909rn_1/members.aol.com/subgallery/)
and found one of their old indexed pages ..

maybe you can figure out what you need to, from this old page ..

good luck!


David Karp
11-Nov-2008, 15:06
Thanks for the ride in the Wayback machine! I actually have a copy of the site on my computer, but do think it would be a good add to lfphoto.info site.

How long do we expect those archived pages to last?

11-Nov-2008, 15:52
David, AOL announced a few weeks ago that it was no longer going to support member web pages. If it helps, the member in question seems to be xkaes@aol.com if you want to try to get full files for putting up locally here. Just a thought. (I don't want to publish what I think is the owner's name here, but not hard to find by googling the address.)

Gordon Moat
11-Nov-2008, 17:06

It's all in Japanese, but if you run it through Google language tools converter, you can read a bit more. Also, the numbers and specifications are easy enough to figure out.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

11-Nov-2008, 17:48
this one may have some of the information...


David Karp
11-Nov-2008, 18:02
Amy: I will try to contact the creator and suggest that he contact QT.

Gordon: Thanks for the link. It is useful, but the dear departed pages included the old single coated W, and multicoated NW, and CM-W series, along with all of the old wide angle lenses in one place. It was especially useful for someone like me, who is happy buying older lenses, but who would like to know the specs.

Don: Yes, Kerry's site is a great source of information, and is required reading (along with his article on Fuji lenses in View Camera magazine). As noted above, the site that went down has specs for all of the lenses in all of the old series in one place, and even allows you to compare specs between different versions of Fuji lenses at the same focal length.

Again, thanks all.