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Bob McCarthy
11-Nov-2008, 09:14
Friend gave me as part of a swap, a Super Angulon 65mm f/8 and it's in pretty nice shape. Glass looks clean, haven't tested the shutter other than it appears to work fine.

I can find nothing about the lens, looks like a small board drilling. Certainhly smaller than a 0, is there a 00??.

I need to find a technika board, center drilled in the this size (00).

Anyone know the image qualities of the lens

And maybe have a xtra 00 board for sale.

Bob McCarthy

Gene McCluney
11-Nov-2008, 09:20
Yep, older 65mm SA's used an 00 shutter. The lens is very sharp, but will have light fall-off at the edges if used for 4x5. A (expensive) center filter corrects this.

11-Nov-2008, 10:36
If you can figure out what size hole you need, Keh, http://www.keh.com/, measures the size of the hole and lists that, rather than "0, 1" etc, for their used lensboards (and they have some undrilled Technika boards for sale too). They have quite a few in the 34mm neighborhood for a 0, but do list a few smaller than that, such as 24mm and 27mm.


11-Nov-2008, 10:46
A 00 needs a 26.6mm hole: http://www.skgrimes.com/lensmount/shutmt/index.htm

Eugene van der Merwe
11-Nov-2008, 11:26
I used one for a few years for 4 x 5 and 6 x 9, the example i had was very, very sharp right to the corners even on 4 x 5. I had to have the shutter fixed once since i dropped it in seawater. The fall off wasn't too bad around F22/F32 and i never used a centre filter since the budget didn't allow for one. A friend of mine has the same lens and his is a little softer than mine was but still useable.

Richard Littlewood
11-Nov-2008, 11:33
Very sharp fine little lens although composing in less than strong light can be challenging.

11-Nov-2008, 14:28
Great lens in tight situations, there's no room for rise/fall or shift and with careful processing fall of is not really a problem with 5x4 B&W. Mine is very sharp even in the corners at f22/f32.