View Full Version : 13" Eastman Anastigmat f3.5

11-Nov-2008, 08:14
I just bought a 13 inch Eastman f3.5 Anastigmat lens. No iris. Made in 1940, does anyone know what these lenses were used for? Perhaps military aero recon? I don't find an Eastman catalog at the cameraeccentric site from that period. I plan to try it with wetplate, where speed is everything at about 1ASA.

Brian Stein
12-Nov-2008, 04:52
The closest I can get is from the lens collectors vade mecum
"Ektar f3.5 13.5in This was a big aerial survey lens made prewar in the 1930's and replaced in
WW2 with a new design. This is not one of the well known ex-Defense lenses, possibly owing to the amount of materials used for the aperture. One advert. mentions "no iris" so it was probably designed for use only under adverse lighting conditions."

Ektar was (roughly speaking) the followon name from Anastigmat, so I suspect this is what you have.

12-Nov-2008, 07:56
Thanks brian, I bet this is it. I'll try it out when recvd.