View Full Version : Dismounting Copal from Tominon 4,5/105mm

11-Nov-2008, 07:12
Does everyone knows, how do dismount the Copal from a Tominon? I can screw up the back-lenses und the lock ring, but can`t screw the front lenses. They are pressed and not screwed? Or is there a trick?

Greetings from Munich

gary alessi
11-Nov-2008, 14:36
it does come off...............for lack of proper tools, i use a rubber jar opener in my left hand to hold the shutter....and then a large channel lock pliers, 12 inch i think, with the grip teeth heavily taped ...so as not to bite into the lens barrel....and then use the leverage of the channel lock handle, and twist....also a rubber strap arrangement ...used to unscrew car oil filters might do the trick...

12-Nov-2008, 18:26
Try wrapping the front cell in a rubber band or using a rubber pad / jar opener. You should be able to get it off without pliers, I think (had one on a polaroid, but it was a while back.....)

Jim Galli
12-Nov-2008, 20:05
The front will spin off. Torque sir, torque. Cut up an old inner tube and make some "grips".

14-Nov-2008, 02:02
Thank you all for helping. A little bit oil and on more time strong courage - and I could screw it away!

14-Nov-2008, 04:05
I once had big problems removing a lens from a shutter. A tiny drop of very thin oil (565 style) helped a lot.


14-Nov-2008, 05:25
That said, I'd recommend applying a tiny amount of anti-seize copper paste to the threads when assembling a lens - im particular where mixed thread materials are involved (aluminium on brass or steel is almost bound to seize over the course of time).