View Full Version : Removing lens from Sinar DB?

Craig Schroeder
10-Nov-2008, 20:50
I've got a Super Angulon on a DB board that I would like to mount into a Copal #0 that I just received. The rear section unscrewed easily as expected from the DB but the front section is very firmly attached. Is there any other device binding the front section into position that isn't obvious? There appear to be sections of the mount screwed on that are visible from the inside of the board and iris area. I thought I'd ask for some experienced answers before forcing it loose.... I looked for quite a while and didn't find any info regarding this, so any links that you know of would also be appreicated.

11-Nov-2008, 01:43
There are no extra devices on mine. I have both old and new style boards, both in DB and DBM. My 2 SAs cells just screw in/out.

Craig Schroeder
11-Nov-2008, 22:45
In case this thread becomes a source of someone's search for this info.... I found that it simply unscrews and that my equipment was especially tight or perhaps a slight surface corrosion from time had a seizing effect.