View Full Version : To reveal paper color in Jobo processor

Nino Grangetto
10-Nov-2008, 10:04
Hello, it tries to reveal paper color, Ra4, in processor Jobo CPA, with tank 2830, and to second impresi˛n already they appear to me mÓrgenes, that they must be white, (and doubtlessly the copy) dyed of they back water. I suppose that serÓ by oxidaci˛n of the revealer by agitaci˛n continuous. To somebody it happens the same to him? any aid or suggestion welcomes. extra data, full the glass of the revealer tank, that he is mÓs much that what 15 xs suggest Jobo to reveal a copy 21cm. Thank you very much by the aid. Greetings from Argentina.

10-Nov-2008, 10:25
Are you saying the borders aren't white? What colour are they?

You should be able to get a perfect print using basically the Jobo guidelines. I use slightly more but not 15x.

What brand paper?

Nino Grangetto
10-Nov-2008, 10:40
Hello Nick, the paper is Kodak Endura

Nino Grangetto
14-Nov-2008, 12:13
Thanks anyway, cambiŔ the revealer that used by TETENAL, and solved subject. Asý since for years me familiarizŔ with B& W, tendrŔ that to make my experience in color. Anyway querýa to put record in case alguiŔn has the problem, first changes of revealer to some of first mark. Greetings from Argentina, very far from the first world.


Gracias de todos modos, cambiŔ el revelador que usaba por TETENAL, y asunto solucionado.Asý como hace a˝os me familiarizŔ con B&W, tendrŔ que hacer mi experiencia en color.De todos modos querýa dejar constancia por si alguiŔn tiene el problema, primero cambie de revelador a alguno de primera marca.Saludos desde Argentina, muy lejos del primer mundo.