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10-Nov-2008, 03:16
I have a lens with an Ilex No. 5 shutter, I also have 3 cable realeases, only one is man enough sometimes if pulled out straight to fire the shutter. Any recommendations for a reliable release please?


10-Nov-2008, 03:28
Kaiser cable releases work fine with Ilex shutters. There was a recent thread about similar problems with an Ilex 3.

Unfortunately there's no standards set for cable releases and they can vary quite significantly. Recently I bought 2 while in the UK (from the major chain of Photo-stores Jessops) and they wouldn't fit any of my shutters except an old Prontor press.


John Kasaian
10-Nov-2008, 21:38
Gepe cable releases reliably fire my #5 Ilex Universals. These are "double action" shutters so the throw has to be long enough to both cock and fire in one cycle and my Gepe's have the longest throw of any modern cable release I've tested so far.

Frank Petronio
10-Nov-2008, 22:11
Gepes and those cheap, short, cloth Prontors actually....

C. D. Keth
10-Nov-2008, 23:01
Another for the Gepes. I took my ilex #4 to freestyle and the Gepes were the only ones they stock that trip that shutter. They feel quite tough, as well. I think the 20" one I got was about $20.