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Ivan J. Eberle
9-Nov-2008, 19:19
I've got a Raptar 135mm f/4.7 in a non flash-synchronized Rapax shutter. The lens is immaculate, the shutter is also really clean and has consistently good shutter speeds, if a bit slow at the highest ones. But I'd prefer having a flash-synchronized shutter for the Raptar elements.

Seems there are many more Graphex shutters available used. My question is whether the Optars and Raptars lens elements are interchangeable in either Rapax or Graphex shutters. Also, beyond the lens threads, do the shutter face plates and retaining rings interchange? How about shutter internals between the sync'd and non-sync'd versions?

Glenn Thoreson
9-Nov-2008, 19:37
The 4.7 version of your lens is a later model and may or may not interchange. The Graphex shutter that was used with the 4.7 Optar could work, but there was a manufacturer change on those Optars about mid production. The first version was made by Wollensak and the second by Rodenstock, if memory serves. The question would be if there was any change in the threaded opening size, and if there was any change in spacing. I think the only way to determine this for sure is to have the shutters in hand. The Graphex shutter that the earlier 4.5 Optar came in would be the closest match in my opinion. Those old shutters are always a crap shoot.

Paul Fitzgerald
10-Nov-2008, 08:32

Rapax and Supermatic shutters were both rebranded to 'Graphex' so you would need one to match yours, either made by Wollensak(10 aperture blades) or Kodak(5 aperture blades).

Both the Kodak 127/4.7 and the Wollensak 135/4.7 were used so you need to check the aperture spacing on the face, they're both marked 4.7

The Rodenstock version came in a Graphic 1000 shutter, nice paper weight, but the cells do fit into a Wollensak shutter.

have fun with the hunt.