View Full Version : Any experience -- Shanghai 4x5 and PMK/Pyro?

9-Nov-2008, 15:57
Has any one got experience with Shanghai 4x5 sheet film and PMK/Pyro? I don't need times just comments on how it reacts with the PMK.

Also if not PMK what developers you use with it.

I'm only interested in the sheet film as there may be differences in the construct of other formats.

10-Nov-2008, 04:06
Not with PMK/Pyro, but seems OK at 12min with constant agitation in Rodinal. But I'm just new at this B&W caper so buyer beware

10-Nov-2008, 06:52
I processed a couple of Shanghai film sheets in WD2D+, which is also a pyro developer. Results were good, highlights very well controlled, that effect I had in mind when selecting WD2D+. General stain (non-image forming fog) visible, but far less annoying than on other films I tried. Exposed at 50 ISO, developed 7 min.

I have also used Rodinal 1:50 with Shanghai (time taken from Shanghai film leaflet), but resulting negs were too contrasty, scanning and computer processing was difficult.

The last batch of films, including Shanghai was developed in Foma's version of Xtol diluted 1:1, 10 min. These negs were not scanned yet, but they look very good under magnifying glass, although slightly contrasty.

Yes, I still can not decide with which developer to stay.

Anyway, you ALWAYS need to make a developer test before using it for important negatives.