View Full Version : What do you do with your 5x7 negatives...

9-Nov-2008, 10:11
Just curious.

9-Nov-2008, 10:15
#3 -- alt processes...got one exposed and ready to process (carbon).

And I got some 7.5x10 New "Azo" coming soon that will also be used for both old and new 5x7 work.


9-Nov-2008, 10:44
i contact print, enlarge, and consumerscan/pro-lab them.

Dave Aharonian
9-Nov-2008, 10:52
I scan them and make prints off my Epson 3800, or I make digital negatives and print them in Platinum. Occasionally I make straight 5x7 platinums too.

David A. Goldfarb
9-Nov-2008, 12:45
Contact prints, usually Azo, occasionally albumen. I think of the Press Graflex as my snapshot camera--


D. Bryant
10-Nov-2008, 12:44
Just curious.
You forgot "All of the above."

Don Bryant

Ole Tjugen
10-Nov-2008, 13:22
"All of the above, and more" is what I would have ticked. So I just voted "enlarge".

10-Nov-2008, 13:58
You forgot "All of the above."

Don Bryant

and the option "feed them to the dogs".
I dropped 5x7" because it was only a very limited used format inbetween 4x5" and 8x10"... with all respect to the users of 5x7". There are certainly many personal reasons to use it.

Before I let it go, I contact printed the negs.


Brian Stein
10-Nov-2008, 14:44
alt process contact printing. In contrast to Geert have just recently taken it up as 4x5 is just too small for my eye as a contact and the jump to 8x10 seems too big

D. Bryant
10-Nov-2008, 16:01
and the option "feed them to the dogs".


Benno Jones
10-Nov-2008, 16:06
Right now, contact print, but I have a 5x7 enlarger in storage for when I finally have room to set up my own darkroom.