View Full Version : Removing an overtightened lens cell

Sean Donnelly
13-Mar-1999, 00:27
I have a lens (Rodenstock 75 mm f/4.5 Grandagon-N) with a rear cell which is ove rtighted into the shutter. Any advice on safely removing it?

Richard Fish
13-Mar-1999, 12:39
Bob Solomon of HP Marketing, the U.S. distributor of Rodenstock participates in this, and most other LF forums. He'll answer you, or you can locate his e-mail address from one of this earlier contributions. He'll know. Other option, is to ask the LF guru, Steve Grimes skgrimes@skgrimes.com Steve mounts, re-cements, builds, re-formulates LF hardware.

Bob Salomon
13-Mar-1999, 21:07
Call the Rodenstock U.S. Service Center 973 808-9626 and they will help you. Since back focus is critical the wider the lens you really want professional advic