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George Kara
7-Nov-2008, 13:37
Took out my razzle for a spin on Wed as the weather was beautiful and I havent really shot with the kit.

Used epy 100 readyloads and processed in E6 as I have done in the past. New mix of chemistry for the run.

What the heck is up with the red cast in the shadows? All shots display this. Even the border of the film has a red cast.

The film has a 1/08 date and has been frozen since I aquired it.


7-Nov-2008, 13:40
Must be part of the process to cause that. It being edge to edge makes me think it's a dye that wasn't activated or bleached as it should be. Shame! Razzles are great fun!

Dan Fromm
7-Nov-2008, 15:14
George, EPY is balanced for 3200K lighting, not for daylight. See http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/e130/e130.jhtml?id=

George Kara
7-Nov-2008, 18:19
Hi and thanks for the advice. This is not a color balance issue. A difference of 2000K would not affect the image as developed.

Matt Magruder
7-Nov-2008, 19:01
did you load the film backwards and shoot through the base maybe?

George Kara
8-Nov-2008, 08:53
No it was readyload film.

8-Nov-2008, 09:38
I just had a very similar issue on several 8x10 sheets of commercially developed Kodak E100G, with the deepest shadow areas showing a distinctly and inappropriately dark red color. To my eye there was no reddish cast to the rest of the photo, if anything a blue cast is present. This is the first time I have tried this film and between this problem, the blue cast that I think is present in almost all the shots, and the overall dull colors, I expect it will be the last time I try it.

Nathan Potter
8-Nov-2008, 09:44
Wow! Never seen this. The low contrast and dull color suggest a processing glitch. Maybe the bleach?

Nate Potter, Boston MA.

8-Nov-2008, 13:36
My first guess. Processing glitch.


George Kara
10-Nov-2008, 17:46

No one else has ever had this issue before?

Bruce Watson
10-Nov-2008, 19:27

No one else has ever had this issue before?

Not a clue George. Never seen anything like it.

Did you try asking over at APUG? A retired engineer from Kodak who posts there as Photo Engineer might weigh in and give you a clue. He'll know if anyone does.

Greg Lockrey
10-Nov-2008, 19:44
My guesstimate based on what you described as accurate is either you mixed the chemistry incorrectly for one of the steps or you got one of the steps out of sequence and/or time.

But the effect could be called "artistic". ;)

C. D. Keth
10-Nov-2008, 23:36
Whoah, that's a crazy one. It's like the red density is all there in the shadows but none of the other 2 layers. Wild. Keep us posted.

Mark Sampson
11-Nov-2008, 05:30
Kodak used to have excellent technical help. They still might- why don't you contact them? FWIW, I think it's a processing issue.

Bruce Watson
11-Nov-2008, 06:47
Kodak used to have excellent technical help. They still might- why don't you contact them? FWIW, I think it's a processing issue.

Ahhh... good point. That number is 800.242.2424.

George Kara
11-Nov-2008, 08:31
Thank you all, Ill give a shout to apug and call Kodak. I use a jobo atl 3 and have not had anything remotely like this before.

Nino Grangetto
14-Nov-2008, 12:26
Hola, el mismo problema lo tuve en Kodad EVG100 en 35 mm. Revelado en un comercio, que fue para mì, donde ocurriò el error, pero tambièn revelè en la misma tanda, otros rollos de EVS100 y sin problema.
Hello, the same problem I had in Kodad EVG100 in 35 mm Developing in a commerce, that was for mì, where ocurriò the error, but tambièn revelè in the same turn, other rolls of EVS100 and without problem. Greetings


Kirk Keyes
14-Nov-2008, 13:57
Which E-6 chems did you use? Reversal bath or expose to light?

Is the red portion cleared of silver halide? If not, I suggest fix, or perhaps bleach...

Was the temp up to the right range?

I used to do alot of Ektachrome OTP films in R-3 and red shadows (not as bad as this) were a sign of exhasted chemicals. I forget which one these days, as that was twenty years ago.

Check this: