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Garry Edwards
25-May-2001, 10:44
About a year ago I bought some Elinchrom Micro 750 heads, mainly for studio use but they were also taken out sometimes for location work. There were lots of problems with them, mainly caused by their sensitivity to vol tage fluctuations, and they broke down frequently. I chose Elinchrom because of their colour consistency and high spec, but they ne eded to be reliable too and something had to be done. I got on to the importer, here in the UK and explained the problem to the boss man. He was more than symp athetic and more than helpful. They have given me full credit on these items and have replaced them with their latest models.

To say that I'm impressed with their attitude and standard of service would be a n understatement.

Usual disclaimers.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
25-May-2001, 14:32
Is this an advertisment for Elincrome? I have three power packs made way back in 1983 which makes them 18 years old. They never brake down! Those are realy "swiss made electronics" I also have a set of three Micro heads about four years old that brake down now and then and I would grade them to be of medium quality. This might be caused by the fact that Elincrome is now sold for a much lower price than back in 1983 and the company is under english ownership and management. They used to have great synccords now their cords are made in India I think.

Garry Edwards
4-Jun-2001, 05:14
No, this is definately not an advertisement for Elinchrom. I posted this message because I believe that we should all be able to benefit form the experiences of others, good or bad.

If you had asked me, just a few weeks ago, whether I would recommend Elinchrom I would have said no, based on my own experience of breakdowns. The answer would now be yes, based on my own experience of their after-sales service, although I would qualify that by saying that I cannot recommend their Micro 750 head, which is the model with which I had all the problems. I had 3 of these heads and they all broke down frequently.