View Full Version : The New Tri-X and PMK

Richard K.
6-Nov-2008, 20:08
OK I've just tray developed a few sheets of the new Tri-X in PMK for my usual 13 min at 70 deg. The negs seem OK but have nowhere near the amount of proportional yellow-green stain that the old Tri-X had. Is that true now? :confused: Or has my PMK gone weak (I've had it in a stoppered bottle for around a year). Thanks!

6-Nov-2008, 22:39
I have not used, because it's very toxic. My friend used PMK, he think it's very ordinary .

Andrew O'Neill
6-Nov-2008, 23:03
There's a new Tri-X ??

Doremus Scudder
7-Nov-2008, 03:37

To answer your question: I have experienced the same thing. I believe that the new Tri-X has a thinner emulsion layer and, therefore, does not show the amount of general stain that the older version did. I have been using my old Tri-X development times with very small adjustments. (FWIW, I tray develop 4x5: 9 minutes is my N.)

However, I find the negatives to have about the same quality regarding grain masking, etc. as the old Tri-X in PMK.

Your PMK is probably alright if the solution A has not gone dark. It can be straw colored (or a shade darker) and still be perfectly fine.


Doremus Scudder

D. Bryant
8-Nov-2008, 19:03
There's a new Tri-X ??

Yeah, it's been out quite a while. As for the change in the PMK stain that the OP mentioned, less is more.

Don Bryant