View Full Version : What's a "Voigtlander Portrait Lens"?

5-Nov-2008, 15:23
Feebay #270296360600. Looks like a late model barrel lens.

Ole Tjugen
5-Nov-2008, 18:18
That one looks like a triplet to me.

Voigtländer made Petzvals, Aplanats, Triplets and Tessars - and all were called "Porträt-Objektiv".

That it's f:4.5 makes triplet or Tessar (Skopar) most likely. If it had been a Heliar it would have been named as Heliar. ;)

Mark Sawyer
5-Nov-2008, 18:31
I noticed that lens too, but don't really know anything about it. I wonder if it has any aberration-induced "personality" or if it's just an industrial lens with a generic look made for a school or passport portrait camera?

6-Nov-2008, 14:36
From the Lens Collectors Vade Mecum:


"Portrait Anastigmat" f4.5 This was for portrait, instantaneous photography and projection. A fast lens! (Voi030) It was made by 1908 and perhaps 1900, and one of the older of the type. There was a big distance from glass 1 to glass 2 here, and two heavy Barium flint positive glasses were used, and it gave excellent correction and covered 48°. Use 24cm for 13x18cm, and it is also a fine projection lens. It was covered by D.R.P. 86,757. [This will agree with Afalter's account of the Portrait lens in f4.5 in 80-600mm, which he dates as 1904-1928 in Germany. But note that he finds the Portrait is very unsymmetrical where here it is the next item which seems to be of this type. It may just be that the diagrams were exchanged in some publication.]

Its a 3 element triplet