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5-Nov-2008, 10:50
I'd appreciate some help here.

The original viewfinder that comes with the Hasselblad SWC is squinty as hell. I've sourced a piece of glass from a lens that works to 'just about' the same field of view, but it won't mount on the accessory shoebit I have, because I don't have any strong bonding putty right now, and I don't have the time or means to build a proper frame around the glass to mount it.

You can see it here, held by double-sided tape http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y43/second-belated/lfpf/DSC02753.jpg

Are there any viewfinders out there that will do the same job?

I'm thinking maybe some LF viewfinders might be available that are big and bright and easy to see through, and with 5x4/5x7/10x8 aspect ratio it wouldn't be too difficult to square-off the frame?

I was tempted by a 58mm on 6x7 Koni Omega vf and hope there's empty space to frame with, as that's not quite wide enough.

Please help!

Kirk Keyes
5-Nov-2008, 11:50
See: Linhof Multifocus Viewfinder.

There's an older design and a newer one.

John Jarosz
5-Nov-2008, 13:34
You may find something here. (http://www.cameraquest.com/voigtacc.htm)

I use the 21mm version. Of course it is not square.


5-Nov-2008, 13:58
I think I may be going for this one, see here http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y43/second-belated/lfpf/swc-ruskie-rf5.jpg

It's fairly expensive, but equivalent to a VC, and still a few hundred less than a new finder from some of the other cameras people...

Rodney Polden
5-Nov-2008, 19:20
The viewfinder shown in the photobucket site that you linked to, Ash, looks quite similar to the viewfinder for my 20mm Russar rangefinder lens. That's a Leica-type screw-fit lens for cameras like the Fed, Leningrad etc.

I found the vf (with the lens) for a pretty reasonable price on the auction site a few years back. It's a handy viewfinder, not too squinty, though it's certainly more easily usable if you don't wear glasses - your eye does need to be fairly close to the unit, in order to see the full area covered.

That said, it might well do what you're looking for with the SWC, with the obvious differences of proportion (2x3 vs. 6x6) and whatever small changes in angle of view.
I don't know if you also shoot 35mm, but the f5.6 20mm Russar lens is itself a decent performer, tiny and sharp, if you have a body it will fit.