View Full Version : Sironar W 210 vs Single Coated Fujinon W 210 for 8x10?

Hany Aziz
5-Nov-2008, 05:13
How much more generous is the image circle and coverage of the Rodenstock Sironar W 210 lens vs an older single coated Fujinon W 210 (mine is in a Seiko shutter) with the writing inside the the inner ring of the front element? The older SC Fujinons have a reputation for having a more generous image circle than their later MC brethren.

This would be used as a wide angle on 8x10. I will mostly be contact printing, though it is conceivable I could enlarge 8x10 if I ever get to setting up my Zone VI enlarger.

One big advantage for the Fujinon is that I already have it.




Warren Clark
5-Nov-2008, 18:58
Hello Hany,

I use both lenses you mentioned on 8x10.
The coverage is approximately the same near 350 mm with enough
movement for most uses. The Rodenstock is much larger-copal 3
shutter, 105 mm filter size and about twice the weight of the Fuji.
It is multicoated and a beautiful tool. I value the Fuji for the small
size and weight and excellent optics.

Good shooting,
Warren Clark

Warren Clark
5-Nov-2008, 19:09

A clarification-the coverage for the Rodenstock is 80 degrees
and the image circle is 350mm.