View Full Version : "new " lens hood

5-Nov-2008, 04:27
after a long search for an original shade i give up and build it myself.
the material is a piece of plastics bought from a bookbinder. the diameter is 110mm, lenth 150mm (6 inch), manufactoring expense 4$, building time 1 hour.
following this very simpel idea you can build a custom lens shade for your tele, or to set limits to an excessiv circle of coverage. another benefit is the storage space needed. for my specific shade 150x380x0,8mm. smaller hoods can except thiner material.

Frank Petronio
5-Nov-2008, 04:55
Don't you get vignetting when you use front movements?

5-Nov-2008, 05:43
it depend on the movements. in this combination i could rise the lens 30mm. if i should need more i could shift the hood backwords.

Glenn Thoreson
5-Nov-2008, 11:44
For years I have been making lens hoods out of styrofoam cups. I just cut the bottom out to fit snuggly on my wierd size lens, and paint it flat black. Spray paint will dissolve 'em, so you have to just mist it and take your time. If a lens takes a modern size filter, I try to come up with a ring from a junk filter or a rotted rubber hood, and glue it to the cup. I save those rings for this. Pretty free, for the most part. :D

5-Nov-2008, 14:03
hiking with styrofoam cups might be difficult, however i think the biggest advantage is the minimal storage space needed.