View Full Version : Linhof Angulon

Jeffrey Scales
11-Oct-1998, 21:33
About 15 years ago I used a very small(in physical size) 90mm 6.8 lens that cove red 4X5 easily. I thought that it was a Linhof Angulon. It was the only 90mm len s that was small enough to fit in my old calumet resessed lens board. I am looki ng for the same lens now and I am not certain certain my memory is acuate. Anybo dy know of these small Angulons?

sheldon hambrick
11-Oct-1998, 21:42
These are just the regular/older/non-Super Angulons. The come in either Linhof or non-Linhof varieties. Look on the main Large Format Photography homepage, and follow the link about older/classic lenses.