View Full Version : Curl in processed slides

Mike Mahoney
24-May-2001, 18:57
Just got my first LF shots back today, and to my surprise, all turned out as exp ected! One small problem though, the transparencies (Fuji RDP) have a pronounced curling toward the emulsion side, even when sleeved in Printfile preservers. Sm all problem I know, but is this normal? Should they lie flat? What would cause t his?

QT Luong
24-May-2001, 19:24
I don't know the reason, but I have noticed that with some labs that I've used, they come perfectly flat, whereas with some they get the curling you mention. There were variations in flatness even from one batch to the other with the same lab.

24-May-2001, 22:53
Having processed a few trannies myself, I found that if the temperature that I dried them at was too high, they would curl as you describe. Once stored with the other trannies in my files, the curve became much less noticable. Your lab may have had a similar problem.

William Leviit
25-May-2001, 02:53
I agree that the drying temperture will affect the flatness of the chrome. If th e film was clipped on to the hangers with any kind of uneven tension, then the c urling will also happen. Like already mentioned, they'll flatten out on their ow n in a few days, and the only problem I've had with curled film is if I had to s can immediatly after receiving the film from the lab.

Bill Jefferson
25-May-2001, 06:07
Hi Michael,

The curling you refer to is called roll set curl.

When the film is run thru the coaters and wound on the core the film sets to the spool. The amount of curl will vary from batch to batch of the base that they are using.