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sanchi heuser
4-Nov-2008, 08:43
Hello ,

I'm a member of the german speaking forum: Grossformatfotografie.de.
In the last days we had some open questions in our LF dedicated forum.

One important question was, how to make links without getting problems with
the copyright? That concerns the so called "Deep Links".

One solution is, not to write any deep link.
But that's an obstacle for the flow of information!

So I wanted please to ask the administrators, if I could have allowance to make links to posts in Largeformatphotography Forum?

That would make the information exchange about photography much more easier.

Thank you very much

QT Luong
4-Nov-2008, 09:53
There is no limitations on the links that you can make into this website. Short quotations/translations of material is OK too if a link is given to the original context.

sanchi heuser
7-Nov-2008, 08:02
Hi Q.-Tuan Luong,

Thank you for your fast response.
I needed so long with my answer, cause I'm in a hospital
at the moment

I'm really glad to here, that there are no limitations with the links.
Thank you very much!
It is also OK for the other members of the Grossformatfotografie.de
to make such links?
In the past there were done a lot of links to your website, mostly to the
lens specs (to every third or so thread about lenses in our forum, was a link added
to your lenslist!!).