View Full Version : Kodak 10" in No. 4 Acme on a Technika board?

Jeff Bannow
4-Nov-2008, 06:43
Any idea if I can mount a Kodak 10" in a No. 4 Acme shutter into a Technika style board? The lens is bigger than I expected - the shutter is 100mm across, and it looks like it needs a 65mm hole, plus space for the flange.

I don't know the size of the flange, as I don't have it.

Also, anyone know a cheap place to get metal lens boards drilled?


Mark Sampson
4-Nov-2008, 07:01
I had this done back in the '80s. It was a tight fit and IIRC the edges of the flange had to be cut off. That setup is long gone so I can't be sure; I'd contact Adam @ SK Grimes or lensn2shutter.com. (If you're using a featherweight field camera that lens/shutter combo may be heavier than you like.)

Steve Hamley
4-Nov-2008, 08:35
Yes it will fit, at least using a flange. I carry several lenses in Ilex #4 on Tech boards.



Paul Fitzgerald
4-Nov-2008, 19:59
The hole will need 69mm, the flange O.D. is 84mm, should fit.

Jeff Bannow
5-Nov-2008, 06:33
Thanks guys. It looks like it'll be tight, but I trust you!

Turner Reich
5-Nov-2008, 21:44
I just looked at mine again, it's now on a 4 1/2" board, it looks like it wouldn't fit but then a little over hang of the shutter body might not obstruct anything. Let us know what you do. I've tried to get as many lenses on the techni board as I can to simplify using them on several cameras with adapters.