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Ross Martin
24-May-2001, 14:08
Hello All,

I recently posted a question about Shen Hao view camera prices and thought I'd s hare with the group the email I received from the U.S. distributor, Phoenix Corp ., in case others are interested:

" Phoenix Corporation of America is the exclusive distributor for the Seagull an d Shen Hao View Cameras in the United States. Previously, we had started with th eir twin lens reflex cameras and are now adding their 35mm and view cameras. The y are not yet in stock. The view cameras take approximately 30 days to produce a s they are hand made. We are in the midst of deciding whether to stock them in a dvance of orders or to take special orders as we get them. We are also deciding whether these cameras should be sold directly to the end user or through our dea ler network. Until that decision is made, we are going to take special orders an d sell directly to the public. I have listed the cameras and the pricing below f or your convenience.

GJ45-1 Copper Polished, Hard Wooden $ 735.00 GJ45-2 Chrome-Plating Copper, Hard Wooden $ 785.00 CGJ45-1 Copper Polished, Teak $ 785.00 CGJ45-2 Chrome-Plating Copper, Teak $ 835.00 CGJ45-3 Titanium-Plating, Teak $ 892.00 HZX45-2 Chrome-Plating, Teak $ 998.00 HZX45-2A Chrome-Plating, Separable Bellows, Teak $1,020.00 HZX810-2A Stainless Steel, Teak $2,098.00 10x12 Studio Camera with 10x12 & 4x6 Cassette $ 649.00 150mm F5.6 Lens (6 elements/4 groups with shutter $ 882.00 180mm F5.6 Lens (4 elements/3 groups with shutter $ 882.00

Regards, Alan Phoenix Corporation Customer Service Dept. http://www.pcaol.com "

24-May-2001, 22:06
I seriously doubt that they use copper (at least I certainly hope not!). I'd try to get a bit more in the way of specifications. Unless you have been searching high and low for a copper and "hard, wooden" camera. ;)

Thomas R. Young
25-May-2001, 00:33
Prices seem high since a good Tachihara 4x5 can be had for $600 or so. I was interested in 8x10 but not if I can get a Tachi cheaper. Sorry-

andrea milano
25-May-2001, 03:57
Instead of copper read brass, this was already stated as a translation error bi Geoffrey chen who reads chinese and could read it on the original pricelist, Hardwood (Teak) instead of hard wooden. Technical datas are contained in the scans (available on this site) of the Shen Hao brochure. Price, although I might agree that the GJ45-1 (to my knowledge not anylonger produced, but I might mistake), is a little more expensive than Tachihara, it offers though a graflock back where tachihara doesn't, their top models are well placed into a market which offers a large variety of choice, Shen hao being the last born has a few teething problems (like language problems....) but it will soon grow, at least I hope so.

andrea milano
25-May-2001, 04:00
Another thing, I own a Tachihara 8x10, it is a nice cheap camera but the Shen Hao 8x10 is a much better camera I am afraid the Tachihara (both models double and triple extention but surely the double) isn't in the same league.

andrea milano
25-May-2001, 04:03
My typing........I hope you will forget and forgive

31-May-2001, 06:25
I have got a Shen Bao GJM 940147 , a 4 x 5. It has gold plated fittings and I can't tell what wood ! Costs about US$1000- Did I get a bargain or was I ripped off !

1-Jun-2001, 15:51

You have a model I never heard of. Could please you give us more info? How did you buy it? From whom? Thanks,