View Full Version : Weird scratches on 8x10 film in Jobo 3005

Richard M. Coda
3-Nov-2008, 10:30
I have been getting strange scratches on my 8x10 film processed in a Jobo 3005 tank. They are always on the emulsion side, near the film notches. They are random in shape/size/position, but always in that corner. They can be spotted or cropped, but they are a PITA.

I thought maybe it was due to my "ripping" the foil film packet on a new box, and maybe as I was pulling a sheet out to load into a holder, the emulsion was getting scratched by the ragged foil. Oh, BTW, TMax100. I tried cutting the foil packets open with scissors and it seemed to go away. Well it is back now.

The only thing I can now think of is that when I use the foot pump to pop the lid the film is getting violently moved and that maybe the opposite film corner is doing the damage. I empty the tank out before I pop the lid. Should I leave the last rinse in the tank and then pop the lid? Would that hold the film in place so it can't shift during popping the top? Should I be lining up the film edge in that groove in the tubes?

Thanks in advance.


Richard M. Coda
3-Nov-2008, 10:35
Just developed some more negs... and I saw what looked like the emulsion had flaked away on the bottom of the film (short edge, opposite side of notches). Again, TMax 100. Has anyone else had any quality issues with Kodak film lately?

3-Nov-2008, 11:30
Do you run a hose or other stream of water into your tank after removing the lid? If so, excess water pressure can cause the film to move and film corners can scratch the film.

Other than that I do not know.


Drew Wiley
3-Nov-2008, 11:56
What temperature are you using in the drum?TMax 100 will sometimes edge frill at 75F
with TMax RS developer, and possibly certain other developers. Can you describe your
parameters a little more comprehensively?

Peter Spangenberg
3-Nov-2008, 12:30
Could it be from when you remove the film from the holder? Lately, I have been using some ADOX and it seems to be on a thinner base than I am used to. In 8x10, it has been very difficult to remove from the holders. I have even seen some tine scratches where I have fumbled around to get the film out-and it's on the same film edge you mention. I suppose you could load your film in the JOBO the opposite way to see if you can reproduce the scratches on the opposite end of the film (BTW, I don't use or know about the JOBO process). Just a thought.

Richard M. Coda
3-Nov-2008, 16:26
OK, the "flake" was a few tree leaves at the edge of the frame. I'm embarrassed. I thought I cropped them out of the frame. I do use 75 F here in Arizona.

Thanks for the tips on flipping the film to see if it still happens.

I do not stream any water in after removing the lid. Here's what I do.

I empty the last wash.
I pop the top.
I always notice that the film has shifted at this point. However, where I am experiencing this problem, the opposite corner has shifted away, not towards. Flipping the film should determine if this is the cause.

I will review my procedure for removing film from the holders. The scratches are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch away from the image edge (inside the image frame) so I don't think it could be from the holder or slide.

Richard M. Coda
3-Nov-2008, 20:16
I just did a new batch. I flipped 2/4 films, AND left the last wash in, plus a little more water (gently poured in). AND I lined the film edges up with the grooves in the tubes. Then popped the top. No scratches. I also noticed that the film had not moved from it's original position.

I think it may have been the air pressure of the empty tank combined with non-aligned films/grooves may have been the problem. I'll do another batch tomorrow AM and see if I can repeat my findings.

7-Nov-2008, 15:48
[QUOTE=Richard M. Coda;407693] I do use 75 F here in Arizona.


Tap water in Phoenix is always hot most of the year... and a chiller is expensive
Here's an alternative...

When I lived in Gilbert AZ and used the Jobo CPP2, I bought a wastebasket and installed a hose fitting (Its a swamp cooler drain fitting). Mix half ice and half water in the wastebasket which is connected via usual hose to the cold water inlet on the Jobo. Elevate the wastebasket by a foot above the inlet, and you'll have plenty of pressure and nice cold water to bring the Jobo temp down to 68 or so.

beats emulsion lifting on films...

BTW I've never seen the problem with any of the 8x10 films (including recent TMY )that you have described

Richard M. Coda
8-Nov-2008, 12:03
Hi Don:

I use distilled water for all chemistry, and filtered RO water for all washes. It is all temp controlled. I keep two Jobo 1000ml bottles of water in the freezer at all times and use them to bring down the water bath temp. I live in extreme north Scottsdale at 2865 ft elev. Our water tends to be a little cooler than downtown.

I do not have this problem with 4x5... only 8x10.