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Really Big Cameras
3-Nov-2008, 03:26
Really Big Cameras is proud to announce that we are now the first US dealer for the Photo Clam Professional Ballheads.

The Photo Clam Professional Ballheads are made in Korea and come in six different sizes - with ball diameters from 33mm to 74mm.

We currently have the Photo Clam PC-33NS in stock and available for immediate shipping. We have a large shipment of products coming from the manufacturer that is expected to arrive by the end of the week. At that time, we will have al models of the Photo Clam ballheads and quick release plates in stock.

The Photo Clam ballheads are the perfect compliment to our Feisol tripods. Like the Fiesol tripods, the Photo Clam ballheads offer excellent quality at affordable prices and an unbeatable combination of ultralight weight and impressive rigidity. The Photo Clam PC-33NS is the perfect match for the Feisol CT-3441S Traveler Tripod, and the PC-36NS and the PC-40NS have been re-designed at our request to fit within the reverse folded legs of the Feisol CT-3342 and CT-3442 Tournament Class tripods.

For complete specs and prices for all Photo Clam Ballheads, please visit our web sit at:


Please direct all questions to:


Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras (http://reallybigcameras.com)

Peter De Smidt
5-Nov-2008, 19:55
Hi Kerry,

Are these compatible with Arca style quick release plates? Do they have aspheric balls? Which one is roughly the same size as the Arca B1? How does the smoothness of adjustment compare to the Arcas?


Really Big Cameras
5-Nov-2008, 20:37

Yes, the Photo Clam ballheads are compatible with the industry standard dovetail QR plates.

Here's a photo of the Photo Clam QR clamp:


The PC-54NS is the closest to the ARCA-SWISS B1 in size. The PC-48NS is strong enough for most 4x5 and 5x7 cameras - and even lightweight 8x10 field cameras. The PC-40NS is a good match for lightweight 4x5 field cameras.

No, the Photo Clam ballheads do not have an aspheric ball. They are very smooth, every bit as smooth as the ARCA-SWISS ballheads.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras (http://reallybigcameras.com)

Peter De Smidt
5-Nov-2008, 21:04
Thanks Kerry. They look nice.