View Full Version : 4x5 film in 8x10 Jobo Expert tank?

Richard M. Coda
2-Nov-2008, 21:16
Is there any reason I canít throw 4x5 film in an 8x10 Jobo Expert tank? Do I have to position it in a certain way? The reason I ask, is that I have some N-2 and N+2 film... Just a couple of sheets in both formats. Iíd rather do them all (N-2 and N+2 separately of course) in one shot if at all possible... rather than doing the 8x10, then doing the 4x5.

Anyone ever done this? Any tips?


Jim Noel
3-Nov-2008, 10:12
AS long as you don't attempt to double up sheets in a slot there should be no problem. The film wil likely move around in the slot, but w/o damage.