View Full Version : Schneider Super Angulon 90 f/8 question

1-Nov-2008, 19:48
Hi all. I used to own a '60s vintage SA 90/8 (silver barrel, Compur 0) but can't remember how wide the rear cell was. Does anyone have one they can measure? Is it the same as the 80's vintage in black (and same as the Caltar)? Thanks.

Greg Lockrey
1-Nov-2008, 20:22
I'm using a cloth tape measure, so it's only "hack saw accurate" :) , mine measures 56mm. I don't know what later versions are supposed to be.

1-Nov-2008, 20:36
Mine is a newer all black multi-coated version. It has a 57mm rear cap on it. If the older version measures roughly at 56mm with a cloth tape, my guess is that they are probably the same.

Greg Lockrey
1-Nov-2008, 20:39
Yeah, I'm measuring the inside thread.