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eric black
31-Oct-2008, 18:12
I have several sheets of Kodak E100G to process and am curious if the development time for typical E6 processing for this film is the typical 7 minutes. I cant find anything on the web or by doing a search here that talks to development time. Thanks in advance if an answer is out there.

31-Oct-2008, 18:21
I used to shoot this is a studio type setup from time to time, and I always had it processed at the times for "Normal" E-6, and it worked well. Age and poor storage could mes things up for you, though.

Erik Larsen
31-Oct-2008, 19:00
Eric, my manual that came with my jobo says to use 6 1/2 minutes for kodak films and 7 1/2 for fuji films. I have stuck to these times and it seems to work fine. I can't put a date on the manual so this info may be out of date, but it is what I use for the kodak 5 liter kit of e6 chems.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
1-Nov-2008, 03:58
E100G is a film very similar in color balance to old EPR but with a T-grain emultion.
I use it to reproduce oil paintings. I get very nice result from a 6,5 minutes first development. But I use either Fuji or Teterenal chemicals that are slightly softer than Kodaks.

eric black
1-Nov-2008, 08:43
Thank you all, Ill give 6.5 minutes a try

Gordon Moat
1-Nov-2008, 11:09


First link is the Technical Publications at Kodak. Second link is the Technical Publication for E100G and E100GX.


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