View Full Version : Best UV source for Platinum Printing

Jorge Gasteazoro
10-Jul-2001, 17:03
I would like to know the opinon out there in the best UV light source. Which one would you pick, Palladio, Edwards Engineering, NuArc, etc. So far I have done all by the sun, here in HOuston it shines mercilessly from fe b till Oct. so so far is not a big deal, but I am ready to start testing etc. Ma inly it would be nice to be able to print at home when is raining...which happen s here a lot too....:-)) Thanks all for your help.

pat krentz
10-Jul-2001, 20:27
Years ago Palladio? put out the plans to make a uvlight source, with the help of a friend who knew how to wire the lights in tandem, it only cost me about $85.00 and it works great. My vote is for homemade. Pat

David R Munson
10-Jul-2001, 23:36
No personal experience to contribute here, but there is a good bit of discussion of this in Dick Arentz's book on platinum printing. Fantastic book to begin with, so if you don't already own a copy, now might be a good time to find one.

Scott Walton
11-Jul-2001, 09:49
I vote for the homemade also. You can use Black lights or BLB floro bulbs with good success. I have the Palladio plans and an article that was in Shutter Bug that I can scan and send you some PDF files if you want. Cheers

Struan Gray
11-Jul-2001, 10:08
There's quite a usable set of plans for a build-your-own exposure unit here:


Jorge Gasteazoro
11-Jul-2001, 10:18
Thanks to all!! I guess it is settled, homemade it will be....:-))