View Full Version : Verito diffusion stops? Verito as an enlarging lens?

Darren Kruger
30-Oct-2008, 22:22
In looking through the Wollensak catalogs on http://www.cameraeccentric.com I noticed an entry (http://www.cameraeccentric.com/img/info/wollensak_13/wollensak_13_21.jpg) in the 1919 catalog listing some diffusion stops for the Verito for when the lens is used in enlarging. The catalog says that the no 2 & no 5 (7 1/4" & 14 1/2") Verito had slots to accept these stops, and the 18" could be ordered in the factory with the slot. These are not mentioned in the 1916 and 1922 catalogs. Has anyone ever used these stops or seen them? Has anyone used a Verito as an enlarging lens?


Paul Fitzgerald
30-Oct-2008, 22:40

Wollensak would custom match Veritos to Kodak Auto-Focus enlargers, I guess it was popular to use them back then. There would be photos of the stops at cameraeccentric also. I knew I saved it to disk.

And another stolen photo saved from I don't remember.

26-Jul-2017, 17:20
This Wolly Verito 5in was for enlarging~