View Full Version : copal shutter rattle?

30-Oct-2008, 15:27
I just received a lens in a copal 0 where the shutter has something lightly rattling inside. the cocking lever is also a little loose and adding noise if it's not secured.

but even with the cocking lever secured, there's still that rattling sound, and none of my other shutters is making this noise --

I don't have a shutter tester, but the lower speeds are accurate to my ear, B & T settings work, and the faster speeds appear to be working properly, and all without any unusual noises until the shutter is gently shaken.

So if you would, please let me know if it's unusual that I've never had this with any of my other shutters or if I might want to return the lens/shutter.

Erik Larsen
30-Oct-2008, 16:33
It doesn't sound normal to me. It is probably a screw that came loose and is bouncing around. You can unscrew the front lens and with a jewelers screwdriver take of the cover and see what's up. Another approach is to leave it alone if it is working fine:)

30-Oct-2008, 16:47
i would say it needs to be repaired. i would guess that whatever is loose will one day be right in the way of the shutter blades when they close and they will bend or break.