View Full Version : Can Anyone Spare A Box of Ilford 8x20?

Richard K.
30-Oct-2008, 12:35
Did anyone get more 8x20 film than they need in the recent Ilford order? If so, would you sell me a box of either FP4+ or HP5+ ? I have some Efke but really want this film since I use it in my other formats and am used to it. Please PM me if you have some.

David A. Goldfarb
30-Oct-2008, 18:00
Have you tried The View Camera Store or Rob Skeoch in Canada? They were both distributors and may have more available.

Doug Howk
31-Oct-2008, 10:06
Glazers had extra FP4 7X17, so they might have ordered extra in all sizes.

Richard K.
31-Oct-2008, 10:31
Thanks all! I've managed to get some Ilford film through people on this forum.:)

1-Nov-2008, 21:46
Fred at the View Camera Store has FP4 in 8x20:


Lots of other odd sizes too.

And Rob has HP5 on order: