View Full Version : Rodenstock 55mm in Focus-Mount on Horseman FA?

Dmitri S. Orlov
23-May-2001, 23:21
Can I use 55mm Rodenstock in focus-mount on my Horseman FA? Where can I find pictures wich 55mm makes on 4x5 film? Thaks, Dmitri

Trevor Crone
24-May-2001, 05:52
Dmitri you shouldn't need a helical focusing mount(very expensive) with the Horseman FA. I used this lens with the Horseman VH which I believe has the same focusing rail as the FA. Focusing was ok, however there is very little room for lens movements although the FA has a flap that moves out of the way for rising front. Regards,

Bob Salomon
24-May-2001, 11:08
Very expensive?

Not really. In the US the Rodenstock helical focusing mounts for Rodenstock lenses in 0 shutter from the 35mm 4.5 to the 150mm 5.6 are $380.00 MSRP and camera stores usually discount them.