View Full Version : Does anybody have experience with a"Panfield" camera?

Ellis Vener
6-Oct-1998, 01:18
Does anybody have experience with a "Panfield" camera? I have looked at the webs ite but am looking for real world experience. The Panfield is a very simple 4x5 LF VC made with the architectural/industrial photographer in mind. It looks inte resting and well made (and priced)

6-Oct-1998, 13:54
Where can i see it?

Ellis Vener
6-Oct-1998, 16:32
The Panfield URL is : www.icon.co.za/~panfield. I have no connection at all with these people, I am waiting for an e-mail reply to a request for more info. I don't think this camera is for everybody. For exam ple: appears to have no rear tilt or swing from the specs.