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30-Oct-2008, 09:30
Those of you that use soft lenses will understand, there is something about the final foto that makes it hard to pin point a term , such as one wood for an abstract foto or a high contrast foto, and many other type of B&W foto as the means to make like silver printing or sepia toning other that I am not aware : My fotos are a pikers dream compared to the others that have done and are doing it Now : Such as Jim Galli:

But have found that a soft foto sometimes can give a better result than a crisp one can, not that the crisp one's are not great , Its just the feel of a soft B&W foto : Ehh hard to say for me , others like Dagor 77 who can weld words of such praise , leaves all of in the dust :

So Here is my too* cents for a soft foto :

Shot on FP_4 rated at ISO-50 Metered thru a 3x red filter reflective type, for a setting of 15 seconds at F-22 and no Reciprocity adjustment made!

Developed in ID-11 at 68 degrees in dilution of 1-3 for Nine minutes
all the other stuff the regular way!

Lens used for this foto was a Vintage Planatograph F-8 4x5 [approx 195mm] bausch & lomb 1900's ? if you go to this web page http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/bauschlomb_2.html and read the last paragraph of page four it should give you a smile :

thanks for your time :