View Full Version : 210 Xenar 4.5, cover 8x10 wide open?

29-Oct-2008, 11:24
Would a 210 f4.5 Xenar in Compund shutter cover 8x10 wide open when focusing at head & shoulders range? How about full standing bodylength range? No movements needed.

Darkening of the corners won't bother me, but I'm wanting to find out if the corners will go completely black/clear?

I read that it has a 255mm image circle (10 inches), Any ideas on what this would do at portrait range wide open? I've often heard Schneider is conservative when rating their their coverage circle. Anyone have experience with this lens on 8x10?

29-Oct-2008, 12:04
Close focusing the image circle increases. For example at 1:1 the image circle doubles. Somebody I'm sure knows the formula to figure out the image circle at different magnifactions.

Jiri Vasina
29-Oct-2008, 14:32
Daniel, at 1:1, the image circle is twice what is at infinity, that is over 500mm. I don't know what would be the IC at portrait distances, but if you don't like a calculator (and like me, don't have the formula), I have another idea for you: you can do it geometrically, draw a graph with magnification on one axis (this would have to have logarithmic scale), and image circle on the second, you may find out the probable IC.

From my experience with my sample of Xenar 210mm 1:4.5, the corners will go black. I don't know how conservative Schneider is with their IC statement, but I have run out of coverage several times - landscape shot, @ f/11-16, horizontal orientation, 5x8" format, approx 3-5cm rise.

5-Nov-2008, 20:28
It looks like it covers 8x10 at full length standing portrait distances, I won't be able to take the lens outside to really give it a try until next weekend probably, but so far it looks like it covers!

I gave the front standard about 2 inches fall, and it looks like that clipped the top corners. That's just what I see on the glass, I'm sure the corners (with no fall) will be darker than the center, but I don't think they will be clipped black/clear for full length portrait distances. I'm sure it will have no problems at head/shoulder distances based on what I'm seeing, full length standing portraits will probably depend on how much room I want above and below the person (how far back I stand).

If anyone else is interested in this, let me know and I'll post my findings once I have a chance to shoot with it.

Brian Bullen
5-Nov-2008, 21:06
Daniel, I'm interested to see what you get with the 210.

5-Nov-2008, 22:55
Daniel, I'm interested to see what you get with the 210.

Me too! I use the 240 g-claron for most of my "wide-angle" 8x10 shooting, but there are times when I wish I could get a bit thinner DOF, I'm hoping that the 210 here provides that, being about 2 stops more open! Same when I use the 240 on 4x5, sometimes I wish it were faster.

I did notice that the board it came on is labled a "Linhof IV board", it seems to be slightly larger than my linhof/wista boards and doesn't fit my camera. Is there something different about a linhof IV board? Or is the board possibly home made? (looks like it could be, but it's so beat-up it's hard to tell) Nothing some filing can't take care of :-D