View Full Version : Ortho type 3 then, what now?

Clueless Winddancing
29-Oct-2008, 09:09
I recall the specifics of processing this in a tray; but, just how wonderful would an Patterson Orbital processor be for that precise aggitation-and-still processing? It strikes me as being very well matched especially with small volumes of chemicals used to exhaustion and dumped. Have you done it with an Orbital?

29-Oct-2008, 09:48
Kodalith Ortho in a Paterson? Yes, but it's more tricky.

In a safelight it means you can develop as long as the neg needs, but in a paterson you need to waste a few sheets trying to get correct dev time. I can't remember what I found my times to be. They'll be floating around in the forum somewhere. I have loads of this film left but nothing to shoot it at!

Steve Feldman
29-Oct-2008, 12:43
3 minutes - 68 deg. F. - Kodak A/B Lith developer.

Clueless Winddancing
29-Oct-2008, 16:46
Well, an Orbital can be agitated in a fashion rather like it was done in a tray only you agitate the Orbital or stop the Orbital manually -:rolleyes: or by the motored base. It would have to be "worked" out somewhat I suppose; but no getting chemicals on the hands! Rinsing off could be done in the tray-base